Hai Dong ever said that "My day would not be fully filled and there is nothing more exciting than hearing the sound of "xoạch xoạch" at the moment I tripped the camera's shutter, and having my eyes squint behind the camera".

Since 1993, I started to get it seriously in photography and worked hard in turned into professionalism and serious business that have spent a lot of time. Sometimes, I feel like to capture the angles as amateur's shots those are so brave and adventurous that I don't dare to experiment it again.

Frankly, I love to look at those amateur's shots, especially, those fresh cameramen or even children's in order to look for the "unique" angles that containing full of emotions. In my own opinion, it is important in photography is not perfect composition or ideal lightings, but its emotions. You have to capture the essence of human or things emotions in every single shot.

                             That is how it called "lively shots"

Photography showcase:

1994-2002: Photograph - Reporter for Saigon Times Group
2005: "It's not only fashion" fashion photography showcase at L'Escape -           Ha Noi
2008: Fashion & Advertising photography showcase in Rome - Italy
2011: "Hai Dong for Japan" fashion photography showcase at Zen Plaza -     HCMC